How To Immigrate To Canada Through Federal Skilled Workers Program

canada federal skilled workers program

How To Immigrate To Canada Through Federal Skilled Workers Program – Welcome to another section of our today visa guide.

Today I will show you how to immigrate to Canada as a degree student. does that mean I’ll teach you how to get a Canadian student visa from Nigeria.

First thing first she knows that in order to get a Canadian student visa wants me to text or call to get an IELTS. this is an exam that is required for any applicants wishing to study abroad especially in Canada to have at least called a 6.0 or equivalent.

List of Top Colleges in Canada

So in order to be eligible for the federal skilled worker program.

  1. You must plan to meet outside Quebec.
  2. You must possess skilled work experience. need to have at least a one-year continuous full-time score of at least 30 hours of paid work per week or its equivalent.
  3. Language efficiency you must take an approved language test in English or French and is called the minimum score required by Canada Canadian language benchmark CLB 7/4 ability in writing listening and speaking.
  4. Education requirements. it is mandated that you possess or have completed a minimum of secondary school education in your country to help evaluate your education is valid for five years.

POF proof of funds it’s no new news that by now you should be able or you should know that you’re not allowed to travel out we must be able to provide that you have enough financial capacity to settle your bills overseas. the amount of money required is dependent on the family and changes every year.

  • Universities in Canada
  • The Vancouver University
  • McGill University Montreal
  • University of Alberta Edmonton
  • York University Toronto
  • University of Waterloo
  • Seneca College doesn’t owe me par Queen’s University in Kingston
  • New University of Ottawa Ottawa
  • Western University London
  • Concordia University Montreal
  • University of Victoria
  • Simon Fraser university
  • University of Regina
  • Georgia university

So as you can see above I’m not a number of institutions one can apply for to study in Canada. in order to apply, You are required to have completed an IELTS exam within your country of origin on how to commence your admission process.

Eligibility requirements For Canadian student visa

a. IELTS/TOEFL  score
b. International passport
c. Work experience if any
d. University College application form
e. Skype phone interview

So now I’m going through the process of visa documentation on how to obtain a Canadian visa student visa.

Canada student visa Documentation Process

  1. School transcripts are required to mail a copy of your original school transfer to your choice of school in Canada via mail.
  2. Two recent passport size photograph
  3. Your  IELTS score or VFL score
  4. Financial documents
  5. Tax Terrence certificate
  6. Police report
  7. Attestation of completion Of a university in your country
  8. Citizenship certificate in English copy
  9. Income sources supporting documents
  10. Statement of purpose

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Canadian permanent visa through skilled migration

So now I’m going to talk about how to get a Canadian Canadian permanent visa through skilled migration. the motive is to provide a complete guide and instruction for prospective applicants wishing to get a permanent resident visa through the skilled migration program.

Furthermore, Canada currently has a large number of pathways to get permanent resident status in the easiest there are going to be talking about in this skilled migration technique.

Skilled migration means an opportunity for both academic skills and technical skills people to To permanently and reside in Canada.

This program was originally created to tackle the issue of new skills shortage in the country so they came up with a system that tracks people from various parts of the world to apply for the federal skilled migration.

Canadian Migration Sub Class
Subclass 189 independence
State-sponsored 190
Norman nominated provisional 489
Business Talent individual 132
Business investment and innovation 188

Subclass 189 independence state-sponsored and Mummy nominated provisional 489 are strictly for professionals technologist artisans and trade workers.

Requirement of Canada skilled migration

  • Age requirement 18 to 24 years 25 points

25 to 32 years 30 points, 33 to 39 years 25 points, 42 to 44 years 15 points, 45 to 49 0 points

  • English language ability
  • Competent English skills
  • Proficient English skill
  • Superior English skill
  • Skilled employment size
  • Qualification size

That’s it on how to immigrate to Canada through the federal skilled workers program. I hope this helps. don’t forget to share subscribe to our website to get the latest update.

In the meantime, you can check out more of our visa articles and immigration general

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