Best Way To Immigrate To Canada As A Medical Doctor 

Immigrate To Canada as doctor

Best Way To Immigrate To Canada As A Medical Doctor: This article Is a guide on how to successfully immigrate to Canada as a medical doctor through the Express entry the provincial nominee program or about studying on a Canadian student visa.

It is also advisable that you sit for the TEF and TCF exams to improve their chances of migrating through the Express Entry. 

However, it is also advisable that one visit the government of Canada website for the latest immigration update idea of the federal skilled worker program or the provincial nominee program.

This article sentence on migrating to Canada using the Express Entry program is a medical doctor.

What is an Express entry?

Express entry is the electronic management application system responsible for handing the immigrants migrating to Canada or handling Canada in migrants.

It was designed to facilitate the selection and process of selecting the Canadian economic immigration programs.

Eligibility To Immigrate To Canada as Medical Doctor

To be eligible to migrate to Canada using the federal skilled worker program. below are the things you must have in mind that must be kept in place

  • Language advisability
  • Must be able to take the abuse language test in English or French and must score a minimum score of 7 in the Canadian language benchmark in writing reading speaking and listening.
  • Education requirement
  • Must have completed a minimum of secondary school in your country of application to stand a chance to have acquired a point under the Education innovation system of 5 years
  • Work skill experience
  • Applicants must have at least one year of continuous full-time work experience or an equivalent part-time work experience as regards the related occupation.
  • Here we are talking about migrating to Canada as a medical doctor so whoever that is applying must have almost had a work returned to a medical field in your country of application EG  Nigeria
  • Must plan to live outside Quebec in Canada
  • Proof of funds Applicants are required to present and evidence of enough funds in their bank account showing that they can be able to sustain themselves why they settle down in Canada.

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How to estimate your CRS score

  • When moving to Canada as a medical doctor dentist optometrist or banker. you should bear in mind that the selection criteria is there is always competitive so what need to increase his or her chances of getting selected.
  • Canada requires a minimum of at least 7 points in order to qualify for an Express entry visa.
  • Share energy Bill and complete a profile with your information who will be selected and be placed in a pool. what is a  pool? Apollo the ranking based on comprehensive and get scale use to select the highest possible applicant the highest number of CRS score.

Requirement for Entering a Pool

Educational credential assessment  ECA Through one of the designated agencies.  International applicants are required to have their certificate assessed to ensure that their foreign education is equivalent to the Canadian standard.

Language assessment there are certain language equivalents that are required of an applicant to possess when applying through direct entry. what is required to have approved in language test in English either in IELTS exam CELPIP exam Canadian English language proficiency index program and the French tef and the Canadian TCF.

How to Apply for Express Entry

  1. An invitation to apply for an Express entry ITA is conducted at regular intervals. a candidate who scored above a certain  CRS score I invited to apply for a permanent residency.
  2. A candidate who scored exactly the same level as the CRS draw I’ve been kept in the tie break rule to determine your qualification.
  3. After you have gotten your invitation to apply you are required to submit your application the eAPR below
  4. Passport
  5. Application processing fees
  6. Proof of funds
  7. Medical report
  8. Police clearance certificate   PCC
  9. Biometric verification is required to schedule an appointment online with your closest visa application center BAC. this can be found in your country attending this country
  10. Work experience letter ensures that you have a job description for your letter of work experience that matches the lead statements of which you are going for in Canada.

Below are the required sample documents you need to provide for the processing of your documents

  • The personal affidavit which you can get from a federal High Court in your country
  • Request for bank statement letter
  • Request for pension funds
  • Mutual fund request letter
  • Gift deed
  • Cash salary certificate
  • Police report
  • Work sample letter

So now this is it on how to immigrate to Canada as a medical doctor so now we go into the detailed procedure is which require different process pathways.

Steps on How to Immigrate To Canada as a Medical Practitioner

Step 1: you are required to write and pass a mccee and nac osca exam this you should have a minimum of 7,7,7,7 in academics  IELTS.

Not be more than two years old

Then you are bad for the residency match called carms

If you have passed the mccqe1It makes you more attractive and increases your chances of application

Step 2: Physicians are required to practice reading as assessment a k a  PRA

Applicants are required to pass in mccee 

Applicants are required to pass in mccqe1 and mccqe2 or NAC, OSCE plus additional 2 years evidence of family medicine in practice

2 years of Clinical practice with rotations in surgery internal medicine and psychiatry

This as well increases your chances in Nigeria because your clinical practice result is well organized so if you qualify you will get assessed and accepted and sign a return of service contract for 3 years

And you will get posted to a rural area for work upon completion will be issued a license practice in Canada.

However, you will be required also to pass the family medicine fellowship exams

Matching a residency program and getting accepted into a PR program are both very competitive you should know. so you should have it in mind that is always advisable that one should have other plans for career development aside from waiting to get a spot in your proposed field

I believe this should help those who are to migrate to Canada it’s a medical doctor or a medical practitioner very well.

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